Assessment Services

At Lidget Green, we provide a wide range of assessment services to test publishers, government agencies, and businesses.

Standards Work

We have a working knowledge of standards, which is an essential skill for good item writing. Additionally, our assessment professionals can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Item Specifications
  • Item Alignment
  • Standards Development
  • Standards Modification 

assesmentteamCommittee Review Facilitation

Items must go through multiple reviews before becoming operational. Our staff has experience facilitating the following committees:

  • Item Review
  • Bias and Sensitivity Review
  • Data Review
  • Form Review
  • Rangefinding

Ancillary Assessment Materials

Tests are often accompanied by supporting materials and documentation. While the most assessment2common materials are the Examiners’ Manual and the Technical Manual, other materials such as study guides, validation, and research results may be needed. At Lidget Green, we can write these manuals and reports for you. We also have in-house assessment experts who can provide independent review of test design documents, test specifications, and technical manuals.

Government Work

Many businesses and government agencies have testing needs in a wide assessment1variety of languages. While working with the U.S. government, Lidget Green has developed a team of assessment experts in over 60 different languages. We are also working within the European Union (EU), and have the capability to develop tests in all the languages of the EU.

Test Design

At Lidget Green, we have considerable experience designing and building full testing systems. This includes evaluation of objectives, item creation, piloting, assembling test forms, documentation, and validation. For more information, visit our Products page.

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