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As K-12 standards continue to evolve in states businessaround the country, the demand for test items across all subjects is very high and is expected to continue for many years. This growing trend for test publishers to develop high-quality tests, with items written to a variety of standards, puts considerable pressure on these vendors. This is where Lidget Green can help. Our experienced staff can develop any or all of a test publisher’s assignment for K-12 items and produce competitively priced items in all subject areas. Our team of subject matter experts follow a detailed timeline, write items to specified standards, and perform quality checks on all items to deliver exceptional results.

Our past test publishing clients include: Measured Progress, CTB/McGraw Hill, Kaplan, Pearson, and the Minnesota Department of Education.


Government Agencies

governmentagenciesMany United States federal and state governmental agencies have assessment needs. The federal government is engaged in developing language tests in multiple languages. Many states have a need to test large numbers of non-native students in English as well as in more traditional foreign languages such as Spanish and French. The European Union also has multiple language needs, which has led to a huge increase in the need for language tests in all the official languages.

We understand that most government agencies request test development work through a formal competitive proposal process. We are experienced in responding with competitive bids within these systems.

Among others, we have worked with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Language Institute, American Councils for International Education, and the Center for Applied Linguistics.



Many companies use a variety of assessments to make critical personnel and business decisions. Whether for pre-employment screening, promotion and placement, or certification of skills, tests play an important part in human resource decisions.

Since English is the language of international business, proficiency in English is crucial for business success. Companies need to know whether their employees have the English skills necessary to do their job; this is especially true in non-English speaking countries.

businessAt Lidget Green, we specialize in English language testing and have helped both domestic and international clients assess the English language capabilities of their staff. We can advise about test use, helping companies select the most appropriate test for their needs, or help them develop their own tests.

We have worked with clients such as the EIKEN Foundation of Japan, HA Cervantes Institute of TESOL (Philippines), and the European Personnel Selection Office, to craft the right English assessments for their business needs.

Whatever English language assessment needs you have, we can help you make the best decisions for your company and for your staff.


Client List

We work with leaders in the U.S. and International testing field. Our client list includes:

  • American Councils for International Education
  • Ballard & Tighe
  • Berlitz Languages, Inc.
  • Center for Applied Linguistics
  • Columbia University, American Language Program
  • Communicaid
  • CTB/McGraw-Hill, LLC
  • Defense Language Institute
  • EIKEN Foundation of Japan
  • European Personnel Selection Office
  • HA Cervantes Institute of TESOL, Philippines
  • Illinois College
  • Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions
  • Measured Progress
  • Minnesota Department of Education
  • Pearson Assessments
  • Pearson Education
  • Second Language Testing, Inc.
  • University of Michigan, English Language Institute

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