Lidget Green has leveraged the power of the Internet to develop two products that help learners and teachers of English measure language learning. Spectrum™ is an online English test designed for low- to medium-stakes use, such as placement and progress testing in English study programs. is an online study resource for adult English language learners. This unique program allows students to practice important listening skills by listening to native English speakers talk about things that interest them.

In the real world of language use, spoken English is very different from written English. This difference is rarely reflected in English study materials. On Lidget Green’s website, ESL students can listen to authentic English passages at just the right difficulty level, on a wide variety of interesting topics.

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Quality language tests are expensive, yet language programs often need to assess student ability. Many programs are faced with either spending limited resources or using unreliable means to assess their students. Spectrum™ is the solution—a convenient, affordable, high-quality test of English proficiency, widely available over the Internet.

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